Magi mix Cuisine System 5150 Food Processor – Was It worth It?

It should have been seven years back since I decided I required a food processor in my kitchen. My spouse and also I share the food preparation in our family and I’ve constantly taken pleasure in being adventurous in the sorts of dishes that I prepare. I’m constantly up for trying something brand-new.

It’s tough to remember specifically why I determined that I actually needed a food processor for  commercial  when I’d been managing without one for a lot of years. The following were my major factors.

Dependable – it had to last a long time

So, just what was my choice of food mill? It was the Magi mix Cuisine System 5150. Magi mix was founded by Robot-Coupe, a French business identified for over 40 years as a globe leader in commercial food mill which is made use of in leading resorts and also dining establishments everywhere. That seemed a rather remarkable heritage.

In terms of versatility, it integrates all the facilities that I felt I can potentially want in my premium food preparation trip; food mill, mixer, juice extractor, citrus press, grater, mandolin slicer, miniature chopper, as well as a mixer.

As to being compact, all 3 of the preparation bowls stack within the actual equipment to provide it an incredibly little footprint while the remainder of the blades and also carries out a suit the supplied storage space instance.

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The whole machine has a very robust really feel about it as well as in the past 7 years I have not managed to damage anything on it.

The equipment that I purchased seven years back is not significantly different from the design readily available today except I comprehend that currently the motor changes its speed to the job available. All the reasons I got my original Magi mix 5150 still hold true.